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Plan ahead – Don’t get caught without a healthy snack

Posted on | January 5, 2010 | No Comments

Carrots are a healthy snack!

When you’re trying to manage your weight or stay healthy it’s accepted that we plan ahead for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner – but alot of people get caught out when they don’t plan a healthy snack or take ‘just incase’ snacks with them on an outing.

For me – it’s shopping.  I always end up shopping much longer than expected and find myself hungry and surrounded by hundreds of unhealthy options.  Or worse still – in the middle of nowhere and nothing available except unhealthy vending machines.  So as often as I remember to – I always pack a snack.

The benefits of packing a snack are that you don’t get caught eating something loaded with calories (i.e. Curry puff, muffin, fast food, cakes, biscuits, ice-cream, crisps, chips, chocolate)  Trust me, plan ahead and save those additional calories on something that tastes much nicer and will actually fill you up.

I suggest having snacks such as a protein bar (Slim secret bars work for me); portion controlled sultana/raisin packs or fruit such as apples (they are easy to keep in your handbag).

If you are out & about without a healthy snack when hunger strikes here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t be tempted to buy calorie loaded food – always remember the hunger will go if you fill it with a piece of fruit – you don’t really need that chocolate
  • Fruit Stall – find some fruit  and enjoy the natural sweetness (this is quite easy to do in Singapore)
  • Have a big drink of water (don’t choose juices or sodas)
  • Buy one small sushi roll as a small portioned snack
  • Fruit stalls can often sell cut up vegetables such as carrot, celery
  • Try dried seaweed
  • Buy a low fat latte or cappacino

Choosing healthy snacks really is all up to you.  Plan ahead and look after your health and waistline.

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