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Calories in Breadtalk Buns

Posted on | July 12, 2012 | No Comments

Hi Health Guru Readers….

Bread Talk Buns

The latest buzz on my blog is “please do a blog on Breadtalk Buns”.  I just wanted to let you know upfront what I can and can’t do about this request.

FIRSTLY – WHAT YOU CAN DO:  To gain an understanding of what calories you’re eating in all bread / buns regardless of the brand – please use the search box on the main page of my blog, located in the top right hand corner.  Type in “CALORIES IN SINGAPORE BUNS”.  I’ve already done the best that I can do as far as estimating calories for you – and showing you how to calculate for yourselves.  For example: If you are eating a bun with sugar on top – I’ve give you the calorie estimation for 1 bun then you add the calories for sugar and you’ll roughly know what you’re consuming.  Another example: If you’re eating a breadtalk smart aleck (the pastry with custard) – you add the estimation for calories in 1 bun + calories in portion of custard I’ve provided.  It’s very easy!

MY LIMITATIONS:  If I don’t know the exact ingredients that Bread talk use and portion sizes – then I really can’t give you exact nutrition information. I can only estimate.  (I suspect alot of places don’t provide nutrition information to their consumers as they might reveal just how bad the food is, and sales would drop)

MY ACTIONS:  I’ve gone to the breadtalk website and offered to do a calorie analysis for them for free.  You could also do the same – go to the website, ask for calorie information if that have it and if they don’t, tell them I’m willing to do it for them!

So that’s the best that I can do.  I will also keep looking online for breadtalk calories and update you if I find more.

– Natalie.

P.S: Click on the link to take you to the CALORIES IN SINGAPORE BUNS blog post.

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