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Colourful Chicken Salad

Colourful Chicken Salad

I have called this colourful chicken salad as I try to pack in as many coloured vegetables as I can – the plate looks gorgeous when I’m finished.  I always cook a little extra chicken & sweet potato so I can have a lazy dinner the next night by already having it prepared. Ingredients: 120 […]

Bronze Medal!!

Bronze Medal from the 2009 Boat Quay River Regatta

Just to keep you updated – I was lucky enough to come home with a Bronze medal in the Expat Race at the November Boat Quay Dragon Boat race.  Germans 1st, Aussie A 2nd & Aussie B 3rd.  Go Aussies !! – 2nd & 3rd – and so unlucky not to win considering we beat […]

Happy Hari Raya Haji – I’m off to Penang

Yes, I’m braving the mass exodus out of Singapore for the long weekend.  Luckily for me I don’t have to contend with the rest of Singapore fighting to get across the Tuas Checkpoint – I’m letting Tiger Airways do all the hard work for me. I am however battling a Health Guru personal challenge.   […]

How Food IS Killing You: Fast Food

This shows you how McDonalds fries don

4 Year Old McDonalds Cheeseburger Click on this link to see a short video of what has happened to a 4 Year Old McDonalds Cheeseburger.  It’s completely amazing.  If anyone eats fast food thinking it’s ‘real’ and nutritious for them – can you imagine what is happening inside their body? Super Size Me Clip Click […]

How Food IS Killing you: Trans fat

Food Containing Trans fat

What are trans fats? Trans fat is the common name for unsaturated fat with trans-isomer fatty acid(s) Where are they found? Trans fats can be natural or artificial. Small amounts of trans fat occur naturally in beef and dairy foods. Artificial trans fats are made when hydrogen gas reacts with oil. They can be found […]

Dragon Boating in Singapore

The Austcham Dragon Boat Team

Austcham Paddle Club in Singapore – Paddle with the aussies! Establishing a fitness routine as an individual takes alot of self motivation and discipline.  It’s a very lonely world running & gymming daily without a training parter – which is why I’m a big fan of team / group sport.  When you commit to a […]

Watch The Sauce – Ranch Dressing

I’m still containing myself from my lunch mistake today….. breath in…. breath out….. 2 tablespoon of Ranch Dressing has 148 calories. I would have preferred to spend those calories somewhere else – I could have eaten 3 apples for that amount!! Not to mention being loaded with saturated and  trans fat…. I can almost feel […]

It’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it

I heard a fantastic saying yesterday:  It’s better to waste it than to ‘waist’ it This remains the biggest challenge I face.  I hate to waste food.  I always admire those that can leave the most delicious food on their plate simply because they are ‘just right’ I blame this on my mother!  (sorry ma […]

Eating Out Tips: Part 2

More helpful tips to win the fight against fat and eating out healthily.

Eating Out Tips: Part 1

Eating out for most people is a way of life and something we often can’t avoid. However, when it comes to managing your weight, there is no need to lock yourself up in your house or change jobs when it comes to avoid eating out – it’s just about making smart decisions and at all times never, never, never give up the fight against fat. Here is a combined list of recommendations to my fellow weight warriors:

Durian – The King Of Fruit


Smell aside, Durian is not known as the king of fruit for nothing. It is a weight-watchers nightmare. The creamy flesh inside this spiky hard covered fruit is loaded with calories. 1 medium size fruit contains about 650 calories (equivalent to a whole plate of chicken rice). It’s also one of the only fruits that contains a substantial amount of fat.

The Party Walk

Since moving to Singapore and initially having no friends, I used to escape my boredom in the evenings by walking around the happening night spots around town. This became really fun because you can see everything that’s going on, walk past all the restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, and events – so it actually feels like you’re right there enjoying the fun and shenanigans. But really, you’re just out enjoying an evening stroll and burning off calories. Honestly, you are completely distracted by the people, music, noise, lights, buskers in the tunnels, laughter, conversations, trying not to bump in to the super slow walkers, dodging drunk people, avoiding stumbling on a paver then before you know it you’ve walked for over an hour. It’s honestly too easy. One hour of walking for me burns off about 300 calories! THE PARTY WALK!

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